About us

A piece of Zeeland in bustling Maastricht

Chef and eyewear fanatic Jeroen Raes and hostess Maaike Steins are at the helm of Restaurant Rozemarijn. As a true ‘Zeeuw’, Jeroen brings a bit of salty Zealand to his kitchen in the heart of Maastricht, the city where hospitable Maaike has been working in the catering and hotel industry for years. Together they focus on hospitality, honest products and passion, in a no-nonsense restaurant in which everyone is welcome. Attention for the product and excellent service are of the utmost importance: it is all in the details. Welcome to the Havenstraat!

French cuisine, viewed through a different lens

The kitchen team of Restaurant Rozemarijn constantly strives to repeatedly surprise its guests through passion and ambition. Jeroen’s love for his profession brings him to create unique and refreshing flavour combinations with a hint of different cultures, time and time again. He prefers to cook with local produce from south-Limburg and with the treasures of the sea, brought in fresh from Zealand. He loves to present these fresh products at the table, to simply create an unforgettable moment with honest and fresh products. Because for Jeroen, nothing can top that.